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© 2015 - Les Franchises L'Oeufrier


Established in 1995, L’Oeufrier’s adventure started off in a little neighbourhood in Laval. The concept was to create a breakfast place with all the breakfast delights in harmony, and prepared with passion and refinement.

Each smile, each served breakfast, and above all, each new acquaintance increased our passion, which is growing from day to day. One client at the time, we believe in establishing more than just a restaurant chain. Our vision is to create an environment where clients feel at home, surrounded by their relatives, and above all, we wish to build strong long term relationships with each one of you. One client at the time, we wish to offer you incomparable service and an exceptional experience.

Convinced of the concept’s potential, the L’Oeufrier team continues to open neighbourhood restaurants. Our vision remains the same: quality meals, generous portions, combined with an extraordinary client experience and a unique atmosphere. Small, warm, friendly and simply outstanding.

One L’Oeufrier at a time, we listen attentively to each and every community we serve with passion day after day. In each one of our restaurants, an energetic team will charm you and meet all of your needs. People from your neighbourhood, people from home! The L’Oeufrier team and partners wish to sincerely thank you for these great years.

Many thanks to all our franchisees. Their efforts, support and recommendations enable us to keep growing. This is just the beginning! L'Oeufrier, an unforgettable experience, each time!

Take advantage of a winning concept: buy a L’Oeufrier franchise! Contact-us for more information.